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Proactively identify vendor financial stress to mitigate supply chain disruption
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk
byDun & Bradstreet
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Ariba
Benefits and Features
Simplify vendor monitoring with integrated Dun & Bradstreet commercial insights
Maintain a consolidated, current view of your supplier portfolio and easily take a systematic approach to monitoring vendors’ financial health and reviewing potential risk on an ongoing basis through Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive financial information pushed directly to SAP Ariba Supplier Risk.
Customize scorecards with supplier information important to your organization
Select suppliers and configure your scorecards with Dun & Bradstreet data and proprietary predictive indicators such as Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER), Supplier Stability Indicator (SSI), D&B® Rating, D&B PAYDEX® and Financial Stress Score to enhance your ability to detect supplier financial stress.
Access vast global business information from Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud
Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud has the largest set of business decisioning data and analytical insights on hundreds of millions of businesses and other commercial entities globally, with data from tens of thousands of sources, tens of millions of websites, and crowd-sourcing/validating initiatives.
Customize scorecards for risk exposure preferences
Easily complete Field Configurations and adjust the weights for each field that contributes to financial risk exposure. You can change the weights for standard fields from default sources (e.g., dropping a score from the scorecard or emphasizing one more than others) and add custom fields.
Select suppliers for risk evaluation
Suppliers eligible for risk evaluation can be selected from the Supplier Evaluated section of the SAP Ariba Supplier Risk dashboard. Supplier Evaluation will utilize a customer-provided Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number from the input, or the name and address, which will be used for entity matching.
View financial health information
The Financial tab displays financial health information, including Overall Supplier Risk and Financial Risk category exposure. Fields displayed in the table are contributing to risk exposure. As contributing factors change, Dun & Bradstreet updates information and the financial risk score date.
View additional financial risk information
On the Financial tab, scroll down to view the Additional Risk Information section. It provides context and reasoning for the values of each score and rating above, which are based on information derived from Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Easy integration of Dun & Bradstreet financial health insights into the SAP Ariba Supplier Risk platform
Identity resolution for all suppliers evaluated
Supplier Risk Assessment to support evaluation of financial health
Monitoring, which ensures that updates are pushed to D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk on a continuous basis
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - Price Upon Request
Price upon request
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - Price Upon Request
Access to all solution features; please contact us so we can help you determine pricing based on your needs and existing Dun & Bradstreet licenses
Suppliers located outside of the USA and Canada are between two and four times the price to monitor, depending upon the specific location
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - Sample Package
Per Year
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - Sample Package
A popular package, requested often by users in the United States and Canada; it is based on supplier quantity and location
Covers critical-to-operations suppliers, rather than the entire supply base
Price is subject to discounting based on existing D&B licenses
Includes 300 Rest of the World Suppliers
Includes 1500 North American Suppliers
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - 30-day Free Trial
For 30 Day(s)
D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk - 30-day Free Trial
Free trial that customers can tailor to their specific needs to assess the capabilities and value provided by the solution
Sample all of the predictive financial risk data provided in the solution on a representative supplier portfolio (up to 300 suppliers)
Explore different scorecard variations, optimizing supplier portfolio insight to fit your specific needs
Confirm user experience fits the needs of your organization
Includes 300 Suppliers
30 Day max. contract duration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Ariba
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