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Restore consumer trust in the food & beverage industry via product transparency
Unique QR Codes for Farm-to-Consumer Traceability
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
Industry Cloud, SAP Logistics Business Network
Benefits and Features
Restore consumer trust in your brand
Thanks to the integration of Scantrust & SAP LBN, material traceability option, Brands can deliver compelling stories around the provenance of their products to their consumers via unique QR codes on packaging . This is a fundamental step toward regaining consumer trust and loyalty.
Get access to valuable consumer data
Every interaction with the QR codes generates valuable data & insights on consumer behaviour which contributes to marketing efforts and will help you understand your consumers better.
Create a new channel to communicate with consumers
Via the unique QR code on your products, a direct communication channel with consumers is made available including the chance to obtain product feedback, offer onboarding to a loyalty program, and more. This will help you to reach your consumers also after the products left the warehouse.
Apply unique Scantrust QR codes on your products
There are three ways how you can integrate Scantrust QR codes into your packaging. First, they can come as secure QR codes with copy protection. Second, secure QR codes can be pre-printed on adhesive labels for application on the packaging. And third, you can use standard unique QR codes.
Manage QR codes with our connected goods platform
Our connected goods platform provides you with a broad variety of features, such as an analytics dashboard to keep track of consumer interactions in real-time, an alert engine warning you of suspicious scanning patterns and a set of tools to flexibly manage your QR codes along their lifecycle.
Develop engaging mobile user experiences
Our suite of mobile UX tools enable you to customize the mobile journey users experience after scanning the QR code via Scantrust consumer landing pages. This allows you to tell the story about the journey of your product and combine it with other consumer engagement features.
Obtain valuable consumer insights
Every consumer interaction generates data, such as scanned product, location, time, engagement patterns on mobile page and more. Scantrust analyzes and prepares this data for you in intuitive and actionable tableau reports that help you to understand your consumers better.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
QR Code Generation via Scantrust Portal
Standard SLAs
Access to APIs
Integrated Printer Portal
Product and Campaign Data Management
Analytics Dashboard
Starter Package
Per One-Time+ USD 15000.00 Setup Fee
Starter Package
Set-up of solution and integration into operations
Access to Scantrust Connected Goods Platform (Modules: Serialization, Digitalization Core, Active Brand Protection, Consumer Engagement)
Includes 100'000 unique Scantrust QR codes
Enterprise Package
Price upon request
Enterprise Package
Access to all Scantrust solution modules (Serialization, Active Brand Protection, Supply Chain Awareness, Consumer Engagement)
Access to Scantrust secure codes and authentication technology
Access to specific volumes of unique QR codes charged per unit
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
  • SAP Logistics Business Network
Scantrust provides a connected goods platform for companies that depend on selling physical products in a connected world. Scantrust enables active brand protection, supply chain awareness and direct consumer engagement benefits by securely binding phy...
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