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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide


May 18, 2020

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So you want to increase your solution’s traffic from search engines? Here are some tips:
  1. Develop Content Users Are Searching For
    The best way to increase traffic to your product page is to ensure your content matches what web searchers are looking for.
  2. Begin to gather the keywords for the business problems that your customer can solve by purchasing your product.
  3. Then perform a lookup of each of these keywords using Google Keyword Planner. You’ll then find synonyms for these keywords and you’ll be able to determine which of these words are searched at higher volumes.
  4. Pick these higher volume search words over the lower search ones for use in your product page. Note: you can benefit by leveraging multiple synonyms in different places within your solution page to ensure your page appears for both variations.
  5. But, don’t just add keywords—ensure that the surrounding content also provides valuable information to that user who is performing this particular search.
  6. Update Your Content Regularly
    Updated content is seen by search engines as an indicator of that content’s relevance. In addition, you should periodically re-visit step one, above. The value of each keyword is always in flux and you should ensure you are always leveraging the highest value keywords in your content.
    Also ensure you re-visit your features and benefits content to highlight specific use cases for customers that are currently being searched for. Add new use cases based on current trends and then perform the same keyword research based on your newest use cases.
  7. Optimize Your Solution Name
    Your product name carries a lot of weight in the eyes of search engines. Add a few keywords to the end of your product name to help users better understand what function your app performs and its value proposition. As your solution name is also used in search results as the name of the page, it is critical in helping to entice users to click through to view your page.