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Industry Cloud

Drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth with innovative industry solutions from SAP and partners.

Industry Cloud Launch
Industry cloud solutions are offered as a software service, including the relevant integration — a key ask of our customers. Read the launch announcement.
The Next Wave
In October, SAP announced availability of solutions suitable for three more industries as part of the industry cloud. Each is impacted by the current pandemic in very different ways. Read the announcement.
How Innovation Can Help Industries
The time to reinvent industries is here. According to McKinsey, history from the 2007-08 crisis suggests that companies that invest through a crisis outperform their peers by 30% in market capitalization during post crisis phase.

What is Industry Cloud?
SAP’s industry cloud simplifies access to innovative vertical solutions across industries. Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, these solutions are interoperable with our intelligent suite, enabling you to drive business transformation profitably and sustainably, seize new opportunities, and manage business disruption and changes within your industry.

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