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Visual Process Optimization
Cogniac Visual Operations Intelligence
byCogniac Corporation
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
Benefits and Features
Fast & Accurate
Use the latest convolutional neural network techniques to produce meaningful data within days or weeks of deployment. The platform optimizes models and course-corrects in real time, reducing setup and implementation time by months and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
No developers required
No software programming is required for the system setup, configuration or training. An intuitive graphical user interface designed and built to be operated by a non-technical user. The drag and drop nature has simplicity at its heart.
Highly agile & scalable
Cogniac’s AI is perfectly suited to the agile and demanding nature of high-quality manufacturing. The platform supports multiple deployment models across cloud, the edge, on-prem and hybrid approaches, enabling customers to scale seamlessly.
Cloud native platform
Cogniac platform is cloud native and cloud agnostic. This means that customers can develop a global system of record for their visual data by using Cogniac.
Cogniac uses hyper parameter optimization
Cogniac's platform uses hyper parameter optimization to identify and deploy the best AI models in real time. This reduces set-up and implementation time by months, also driving continuous improvement for the customer.
Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
Built with simplicity in mind, Cogniac's customer tenants allow the subject matter experts to control the AI. With an intuitive GUI, the customer's human specialists can identify new and different defects in real time and optimize the solution for continuous improvement.
Plans and Pricing
Tailored solution to your customer requirements
Price upon request
Tailored solution to your customer requirements
Scalable to customer requirements
Starting from
Per Year
Starting from
A cloud, on-prem or hybrid software solution to automate visual inspection tasks
No-code needed
AI creating AI
Putting software in the hands of non-technical users
Achieving 95-99% model accuracy
Leveraging multiple convolutional neural networks in parallel
Quick deployment
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
Cogniac Corporation
Cogniac is the leading global Visual Operations Intelligence Platform. With a client base that includes Class 1 railroad operators, leading global Automotive OEMs, Government and Fortune 1000 companies, Cogniac is your trusted strategic partner for vis...
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