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Manage and control access risk and assess its financial impact
SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight
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Benefits and Features
Understand the cost of access violations
Gain a more complete picture of the financial exposure of access risk to enable an effective risk management strategy and drive business process change. Associate a dollar value with access risk violations and more clearly understand how access risks affect your bottom line.
Reduce manual control, eliminate false positives
Use integrated technology, powered by machine learning, to automate the identification and review of actual access violations. Leverage exception-based monitoring controls for tracking resolution of exceptions.
Centrally track investigations and resolutions
Track the investigation and resolution of each incident and resolve issues in a graphical, intuitive user interface designed for business users. Prioritize remediation efforts and help business users take appropriate actions.
Expose and assess the impact of access risk on the business
Analyzes data to predict the impact of risk. Details and summarizes the value of actual access violations. Identifies which users pose the greatest risk with 80/20 exception analysis. Helps users prioritize and remediate violations with management dashboards and reports.
Summarize of the bottom-line impact of access risk
Determines the financial risk of access violations. Articulates financial exposure of access risk and identifies instances where actual SoD violations occurred. Minimizes the risk of internal fraud and loss of revenue. Facilitates rapid deployment with a library of configurable, automated controls.
Enable exception-based access violation monitoring
Notifies business users only when exceptions occur. Provides more comprehensive coverage than the incomplete approach of sample testing. Tracks investigation and resolution of each incident until resolved. Reduces manual control efforts and false positive.
Reduce enterprise-wide access governance cost
Centralizes access governance activities across enterprise applications. Leverages a library of built-in integration functionality. Eliminates administrative silos and provides a more complete picture. Enables real-time risk analysis and provisioning, user access reviews and role management.
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