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Intelligent Workforce Management
AI Shift Planning
byPlanerio GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Save precious time in daily shift planning
Create your optimal shift plan automatically with Planerio, taking into account all and even complex planning variables in one central location. Save up to 80% of the time you would otherwise spend week after week creating your shift plan and reduce the effort to a minimum.
Keep the overview
Always see essential data for efficient staff deployment at a glance thanks to the clear interface and integrated time recording: staff situation, holiday and training requests, sick leave, target / actual hours, employee qualifications, etc.
Stay flexible even with last minute changes
Implement even last-minute shift plan changes quickly and easily in Planerio and always create a fair and transparent shift plan that is comprehensible for everyone.
Automatic Shift Planning
Our web-bases software digitizes and automates the creation of highly complex shift plans. The unique AI algorithm calculates the optimal shift plan based on your individual planning rules quickly, fairly and securely.
Employee Self Service
With our Smartphone App, you enable your employees to view the shift plan at any time, to swap shifts with colleagues, submit requests (e.g. for holiday or training) and enter wishes.
Integrated digital Time Recording
Use several options for integrated digital time recording - either directly online or via hardware terminals. Our software creates a transparent overview of target/actual hours and time accounts. With automated break deduction.
Manage all Types of Absences
Manage all types of absences by occupational group directly online. With a clear heat map on the status of leaves and independent management by employees. This way you can see all staff shortages at a glance and can react quickly.
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Planerio AI Shift Planning Basic
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Planerio AI Shift Planning Basic
Automatized Shift Planning
Integrated digital Time Recording
Employee Self Service via Smartphone App
Absence Management
Digital Application System
Business Intelligence Report
Includes 1000 Users
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Planerio GmbH
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Planerio was founded in 2016 by radiology professor Dr. Wieland Sommer. A team of around 50 people continues to develop the shift planning software on a daily basis, which is already in use at more than 500 healthcare ...
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