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Team Coaching w/ SAP SuccessFactors - Improve Team Cohesion & Collaboration
Team Coaching solution for SAP SuccessFactors
Works with
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Benefits and Features
Enhanced Team Performance
Cloverleaf provides the understanding, and coaching to move each team member to do their best work. When each team member has the self awareness and appreciation of others - team performance undoubtedly improves.
Improved Leadership Capabilities
Fuel your leaders with a custom toolkit that provides contextualized coaching about how those on their team work and respond best. Equip great leaders that adapt their approach.
Increased Belonging and Inclusive Cultures
Cloverleaf helps provide organizations a basis for mapping out cognitive diversity, and giving grounds to create an atmosphere of psychological safety - two aspects that are necessary for an inclusive culture.
Individualized Development Toolset
Cloverleaf's ME Dashboard provides an at-a-glance roadmap of aspects of an individual's behavior, motivations, skills, and cultural preferences. This provides a map for continuous self assessment and development.
Broad Assessment Support
Cloverleaf uses common assessments to provide the psychological validation that backs our coaching and insights. The assessments cover a broad range of personality, strengths, work styles and skill sets.
Team Insights & Analysis
Get a bird's eye view of how the different personalities, roles, and skillsets of your team compare, contrast and leave gaps to fill. The Cloverleaf TEAM Dashboard can be used for everything from team alignment and conflict resolution to succession planning.
Leader & Manager Toolkit
Give your leaders and managers the gift of knowledge of how best to connect, motivate and understand those they are leading. Drill-down on specific information on everything from motivation and persuasion to conflict triggers and communication style.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Free Trial
For 7 Day(s)
Free Trial
Limited assessments
Create teams of up to 5 people
Basic functionality included
Includes 5 User
7 Day max. contract duration
Monthly per User
Per Month
Monthly per User
Flexible to meet your team size.
Premium assessments & features.
Additional enterprise level features & capabilities
12 Month min. contract duration
Price upon request
Enterprise dashboard and reporting.
Security & provisioning.
Enterprise support & training
Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Cloverleaf builds high performing teams with integrated micro-coaching that scales to the enterprise. Cloverleaf integrates with the tools your people use on a daily basis (Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, Slack, etc) to provide contextually relevant ...
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