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Increase conversion rates with emotional interface adaptation.
Emotional Personalization for SAP Commerce
byZenweshare SAS
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
SAP Commerce Cloud
Benefits and Features
Increase your conversion rates
Dotaki's personalisation process ensures massive and long-lasting gains in conversion rates. The sales and profit get higher with only minimum effort from your teams.
Understand your audience's personality
Instantly learn how your audience is spread among Emotional and Rational people. This gives a strategical view which helps taking better marketing decisions.
Activate personalisation very easily
Dotaki's emotional personalisation is very simple to maintain as it is based on a few (2 to 10) highly relevant audience segments. It is not a blackbox, and it does not have thousands of segments, which makes it very easy to understand and master.
Emotional interface personalisation
Benefit from powerful emotional interface personalisation. The artificial intelligence takes very simple interface features (texts, page templates, etc.) and modifies them to fit each visitor's personality. This directly increases online sales.
Audience personality analytics
Dotaki's analytic dashboard allows to understand the conversion rate of each type of visitor. This is the basis on which the interface personalisations are prioritised. This ensures strong quick-wins in the first few weeks.
Real time performance monitoring
Dotaki allows to measure and monitor the performance of each personalisation in real-time. This ensures that the return on investment stays at a very high level.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Real-time emotional interface personalisation
Audience personality insights dashboard
Accurate performance monitoring
Free Trial
Free Trial
Measure Dotaki's ROI on your website
Month min. contract duration
Sales growth
Price upon request
Sales growth
The full power of interface personalisation for your whole audience
Price linked to your actual average traffic
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
Zenweshare SAS
Dotaki is a technology startup, founded by a Benoit Allibe (PhD in behavioral economics) and Kevin Becker (marketing and business background). Dotaki counts several industry leaders among its customers: La Redoute, Camaïeu, Groupama, EDF, etc.
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