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Team Collaboration Software to Break Free From Email
SEDNA Systems Pte. Ltd.
bySEDNA Systems Pte. Ltd.
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Benefits and Features
Communicate Collaboratively
Your team can view emails, make comments, assign actions, and track replies in SEDNA's shared inbox. SEDNA makes communication straightforward by automatically documenting all conversations and activity associated with a project so that your team stays accountable and can get self-serve context.
End Email Overload
Teams can reduce their email volume by up to 90% with personalized inboxes and automatic email assignment and filing. This way, each team member only receives the messages most relevant to them, while being free to access any other information through the team’s shared inbox.
Search Emails Instantly
SEDNA’s smart tagging system learns your team’s processes and creates and applies tags to align people and messages with projects, jobs, and tasks. Our super-powered search functionality can surface granular information from millions of messages in less than a second.
Link Email to Your Transactions
SEDNA connects to SAP systems to import your transactional information and create tags. Messages that come into SEDNA are automatically tagged to the appropriate transactions so that you automatically maintain a full audit trail of your projects, always linked to the source data in SAP.
Personalize Your Inbox
SEDNA learns the projects assigned to you and your teams to deliver a truly personalized inbox. This helps reduce email overload, in some cases by more than 90%, and helps you stay focused and productive.
Search Your Data Instantly
SEDNA's smart and lightning-fast search is capable of searching millions of messages, documents and conversations in less than a second. This means the information you need to do your job effectively is at your fingertips and your colleagues can self-serve to do the same.
Collaborate Around Email
SEDNA shows all activity taken upon each message, allowing users to assign each other, have conversations and make decisions, and understand project status without creating more email. The activity log acts as a verifiable audit log and can help replace onerous approval processes.
Plans and Pricing
Price upon request
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12 Month min. contract duration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
SEDNA Systems Pte. Ltd.
For decades, SEDNA's leadership team has delivered high-impact technology to some of the largest and most dynamic businesses that run the global supply chain. SEDNA as a product was founded in 2012 and serves thousands of users worldwide who trust SEDN...
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