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Reduce expensive mistakes by automating regression tests on a PaPM system
PaPM Regression Tester – Simply Higher Quality
byADWEKO Consulting GmbH
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Profitability and Performance Management
Benefits and Features
Automate your regression tests to reduce mistakes
Evaluate the consequences of changes to your SAP PaPM system automatically to reduce the risk of mistakes which can lead to high costs for your enterprise.
Increase efficiency & quality of regression tests
While being able to start a test in minutes (efficiency), the test also covers the entire database to ensure that the changes are going to fit fully in your existing infrastructure (quality).
Get started quickly using an optimized user interface
Start your first test with just a few clicks. Unlike other regression tests, there is no need to feed the app with data beforehand. Just choose the test you would like to conduct and click "Compare".
Make less expensive mistakes
After making changes, it's crucial to check that all previous functions are still running. These manual checks are immensely time-consuming, especially on a PaPM system. Test the full scope using our app to better evaluate the changes and reduce the risk of transporting flaws into your environment.
Get your test report easily with just a few clicks
So why is this one better then the others? Other programs prompt the user to input most of the necessary logic themselves, making it harder to get started. ADWEKO products are designed as intuitively as possible to make your life easier. Select the environments click "Compare"... it's that easy!
Take advantage in many use cases
Our tool makes it possible to boost your efficiency in many situations. Whether you want to update or implement SAP Notes, realize SAP PaPM Implementation Projects or debug them – we have you covered. Also, our tool enables comparisons between functions, environments (versions) and systems.
Plans and Pricing
Free Trial
For 3 Month(s)
Free Trial
Try the tool before buying
Get access to all features
No commitment afterwards
3 Month max. contract duration
One-time Payment
Price upon request
One-time Payment
Benefit from the features in your own organization
Get support setting up the PaPM regression tester by ADWEKO
Costs for additional support, updates and maintenance 20% of purchase price
Subscription Model
Price upon request
Subscription Model
Subscription fee contains support, updates and maintenance
Cancel subscription on a yearly basis
Low initial costs
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Profitability and Performance Management
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