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Keep infrastructure operational with cost-effective insights from space
Satellite-based infrastructure monitoring
byLiveEO GmbH
Solution Types
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Benefits and Features
Reduce operational costs by up to 35%
LiveEO’s solution reduces costs by replacing expensive manual inspection processes with condition-based maintenance. You can get a quick overview of the vegetation along grids on a country-scale, end-to-end to efficiently prioritize the areas where to take action and allocate resources.
Improve system reliability by 15%
The automated identification of external threats to the network and work alerts creation on the basis of the risk analysis enables to assess high risk assets in a preventive way and act timely. Real time and historic data is used for predictions. This increases system reliability and safety.
Move towards condition and predictive-based maintenance
The insights from a satellite and AI-based risk analysis allows to plan and execute system maintenance processes based on the real condition of the assets. Furthermore, this innovative monitoring solution enables to optimize cycle-based maintenance processes and move towards predictive maintenance.
Customize the risk analysis
The satellite and AI-based risk analysis can be customizable to your requirements. According to your input parameters and regulatory frameworks, LiveEO analyzes satellite data from a multitude of sources and creates reports of criticality.
Automate maintenance requests
Maintenance notifications are automatically triggered by the risk analysis and can be easily managed within SAP S/4HANA. Each maintenance request is directly linked to the relevant asset location and can be managed according to the priority and need of further inspection and maintenance.
Navigate to the hotspot and report field data
Reaching the assigned asset location for maintenance is facilitated through a navigation functionality. Once arrived at the point of interest, workers on site can easily document the asset and vegetation condition via questionnaire and photos.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
End-to-end analysis within few weeks
Quick scalability from few Kilometers to a grid-wide analysis
Low set up effort required
Simple Free Pilot on your network
For 30 Day(s)
Simple Free Pilot on your network
A simple free pilot demonstrates the capabilities and implications of LiveEO satellite-based standard solution and enables to benchmark the impact.
Includes 50 Km of grid
30 Day max. contract duration
Satellite-based vegetation management solution
Price upon request
Satellite-based vegetation management solution
LiveEO delivers an encompassing vegetation management solution according to your use case and requirements.
Recurrent vegetation monitoring
Per Year
Recurrent vegetation monitoring
LiveEO offers recurrent and frequent updates of vegetation condition. The frequency and type of analysis can be defined according to your needs.
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network
  • SAP Asset Manager
LiveEO GmbH
LiveEO is an Earth Observation company from Berlin, Germany. To help prevent infrastructures from failures, we analyze satellite images and other data sources to monitor large-scale infrastructure grids globally, including electricity, railway and pipe...
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