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Simplify and maximize the value of SAP and GIS via system integration
Mercury for SAP EAM and GIS Asset Integration
byRizing LLC
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
Benefits and Features
Lower Costs
Eliminate manual asset maintenance across multiple systems, shorten SAP-GIS integration projects and reduce IT footprint by removing legacy data consolidation applications.
Reduce Risk
Mitigate asset risks and environmental hazards by marrying asset health and environmental factors. Create traceable, verifiable and complete asset records, and improve data integrity and safety and compliance reporting by ensuring accurate and accessible critical asset information.
Increase Productivity
Improve maintenance planning and scheduling for geospatially dispersed assets. Leverage spatial analysis to identify field work trends and deliver asset spatial and attribute information from SAP and GIS to a mobile workforce.
Establish System of Record
Understand asset data sources of truth to reinforce asset information, business processes, and data governance. Know with confidence that internal and regulatory reports are accurate.
Synchronize Asset Data
Synchronize SAP EAM and GIS assets and establish one aligned system of record. Eliminate data discrepancies and dual asset maintenance in multiple applications and systems.
Enable Critical Spatial Functionality and Analytics
Allow for geo-enabled work orders, equipment and functional locations for SAP EAM Capability Locations and Equipment and Linear Asset Management objects with GIS features to allow for spatial analysis and material traceability.
Plans and Pricing
30-Day Evaluation Edition
30-Day Evaluation Edition
30 Day Edition of Rizing’s Mercury software integrated with GIS and SAP Plant Maintenance
Standard Mercury product installed in customer sandbox environment
All Mercury features are enabled for the evaluation
Bi-directional synchronization between GIS and SAP
Rapid standup and deploy
Guided walkthrough of Mercury solution in customer environment
Requires one-hour upfront discovery call with customer for solution alignment
Review of customer business and IT benefits
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Geographical Enablement Framework
  • SAP Plant Maintenance
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