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Strategic Sales and Operational Planning for Services Businesses
byKeytree, A Deloitte Business
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Benefits and Features
Increased Margin
Ensure your key assets (your people) are always fully utilised on all chargeable work across current projects and future pipeline. This can improve utilisation dramatically, massively lowering down-time costs and increasing firm-wide margin.
Optimised revenue streams
Start projects earlier by integrating your sales pipeline directly to the global resource plan. Supported by “what-if” modelling, planning is super-tuned and delivery teams can be enabled earlier than ever – delivering revenue to the business fastest.
Increased client satisfaction and repeat work
Ensure a timely, organised delivery of service, always having the right resource available at the right time during projects. Project efficiency and satisfaction drives further revenues and longer-term relationships.
Resource Optimisation
Clear visibility of forecast and actual requirements gives you the data to support strategic and operational decisions. Balancing predicted demand against resource supply allows your firm to provide a precise service, without running a costly bench.
Gain & accurate visibility of resource demand
ResourcePro is underpinned by a consistent definition of opportunities, with an associated demand forecast (akin to a ‘bill of materials’ for service projects). Default pipeline win probabilities can be over-ridden as more accurate information becomes available enabling what-if planning.
Model your talent network
Predictive and trend demand analysis per skill set allows feedback into the HR planning and development processes. Data visualisation gives early sight of delivery bottlenecks and enables rapid solutioning - recruitment, training plans or contingent labour - optimising planning.
Actionable insights
ResourcePro insight can be instantly actioned in a number of ways: chat notifications to key individuals across sales, HR, recruitment and projects; direct creation of recruitment requests in SuccessFactors; drilldown into projects in S/4HANA Cloud to collaborate directly with project managers.
Plans and Pricing
Tiered Pricing
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Tiered Pricing
Resource Optimisation
Resource and project demand heatmaps
Talent network model
Sales pipeline configuration
Solution Administration
S/4HANA and SuccessFactors APIs
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
  • SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite
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