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Visualize, Analyze and Monitor Fleet Assets with Telematics
Geotab Telematics and Fleet Management for SAP Solutions
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Benefits and Features
Leverage Open Source - MyGeotab API Adapter Free on GitHub
Our Adapter makes it easy to integrate Geotab data into the SAP environment by retrieving data from Geotab and writing it to a SQL Server, PostgreSQL or SQLite database. Using SAP Cloud Platform, these solutions can work together with your existing systems, extending the value of your investments.
Increased Productivity While Lowering Costs
Utilize your fleet to its fullest potential while keeping costs low. Improve your bottom line with fleet management reports, asset and driver tracking and routing and dispatching tools. Geotab’s fleet management platform has different customization options to fit your fleet's needs.
Attain Better Fuel Management and Receive Maintenance Reminders
Keep your fleet in prime condition. Control your fleet’s fuel consumption with rules and alerts that improve routing, vehicle speed and idling times. Use Geotab’s solutions to set maintenance reminders, review engine diagnostics and benchmark your fleet to learn how to improve your vehicle usage.
Visualize Your Vehicles and Assets Globally
Visualize your assets within SAP. Collect rich and accurate data on vehicle location, speed, trip distance, time, engine idling and more. Geotab’s vehicle tracking system starts recording as soon as you begin driving, ensuring your fleet is covered at all times - visualized as Fleet Status in SAP.
Review Your Fleet Using Analytics in SAP
Easily create and merge real-time telematics data into analytics reports. Once data is sent to SAP Cloud Platform, it is readily available to use with SAP Digital Core and other SAP Applications. From fleet executives to fleet managers, multi-level reporting capabilities are now available in SAP.
Manage Your Vehicle Maintenance in SAP
Enhance your predictive maintenance, Driver-Vehicle-Inspection-Reporting (DVIR) and other critical operational information with real-time telematics data. Having timely data of your assets means faster, more efficient and proactive decisions which reduces overall maintenance costs and increases ROI.
Keeps Tabs On Your Vehicle’s Health
View engine performance reports and maintenance alerts, record VIN, odometer, engine faults and more. Prioritize and audit vehicle maintenance and vehicle use to identify engine data and driving habits, both safe and risky, that lead to improved performance results of your fleet operations.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Free — MyGeotab API Adapter
Free — MyGeotab API Adapter
Adapter pulls data from MyGeotab and populates a PostgreSQL, SQL Server or SQLite database
Leverage SAP technologies for data ingestions to SAP Cloud Platform
Open source and available on GitHub
Requires fleet to already be a Geotab customer
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Geotab is a world leader in connected technology and telematics. Geotab’s fleet management software and GPS vehicle tracking devices are used to help customers optimize fleets, improve productivity, reduce fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, embra...
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