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Continuous AI Learning System For Automated Visual Inspection
Memorence Suite
byMemorence AI
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver
Benefits and Features
Enable digitization and traceability of manufacturing
With high accuracy (compared to non-AI solution) AI visual inspection, users can now precisely trace and check the manufacturing and operation quality automatically with digitized inspected images and videos of products. These digitized inspected data also become the asset of the company.
Enhance quality and efficiency
Quality inconsistency and inefficiency are huge issues in manufacturing. So is the growing challenge posed by labor shortage. By AI-powered visual quality inspection, the Memorence Suite is capable of intelligent self-learning to help manufacturers stay at the forefront of what needs to be done.
Uncover insights from inspected results
Humans have difficulties reviewing all inspection results. Memorence Suite generates analyzed images identifying high defect-prone regions and the detect types from the inspected images.It helps users to tune the optimal manufacturing parameters and select raw materials for the manufacturing.
Powered by AI
AI inspection is better than rule-based solutions. AI helps to improve inspection quality and efficiency significantly. For example, the PCBA defect missing rate of humans is 3% to 4%. After using AI, the missing rate is reduced to less than 0.1% and the inspection area is reduced to less than 10%.
Easy to deploy and use
Memorence Suite has labeling, AI learning and dashboard for visual inspection usage. It provides users with an easy way to train the Memorence AI model and speed up deployment. The dashboards provide an intuitive interface for users to use the system on a daily basis.
Continuous learning
In manufacturing, never seen defects appear unexpectedly. With Memorence Suite, once a never seen defect appears, users only need to label it via labeling tool. Our system will start the continuous learning mechanism to update the AI models automatically without interruptions to the production line.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Labeling tool for jpg/png/bmp/dicom formats to digitize your inspection knowledge
Enterprise AI
Price upon request
Enterprise AI
Custom pricing available for customized quality-guarantee AI inspection requirement tailored to your special needs.
Pricing model: standard edition pricing plus one-time customized quality-guarantee AI fee.
Trial with AI expert
For 14 Day(s)
Trial with AI expert
A free AI proof of concept for your inspection application.
An AI expert will discuss with you to plan and validate the feasibility of AI for your inspection application.
14 Day max. contract duration
Per Year
Standard quality-guarantee inspection AI tailored to your assigned inspection need.
12 Month min. contract duration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP NetWeaver
Memorence AI
Memorence AI is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2018. We aim to guard life and memories by improving production quality and safety of daily and professional inspection flow. Memorence Suite is an interactive AI learning platform for enter...
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