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Prove and Improve your content marketing ROI.
Content Marketing Insights and Activation
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Customer Data Cloud
Benefits and Features
Increase sales and conversions from your digital assets
Show the most effective content to the relevant user at the right time. Accelerate pipeline and conversions from your digital assets though deeper customer journey insights and real-time personalization.
Save time in uncovering the impact of digital marketing on sales
Trendemon shows you exactly how every piece of content, post, blog or downloadable material particiapted in succesful customer journeys. Get a high level view of which assets and activities are generating a positive ROI and which ones don't.
Smarter media budget allocation
Know which content to promote on which channel to deliver the best results. Take the guesswork or endless and complex excel sheets and get the right answers.
Content Attribution
Unique content analytics which connect engagement metrics with performance data from your assets and Customer Data Cloud. See how every piece of content affected any business outcome. Learn its optimal position in the customer journey and measure the overall impact of your digital assets on outcomes
Personalized Recommendations and Calls-to-Action
Show your visitors personalized content recommendations and hyper-targeted calls-to-action based on their attribution, position in the customer journey and other engagement metrics or customer data.
Customer Journey Analytics
Visualize your actual customer journeys, from the moment they entered your site and until reaching a business goal, whether on site or on your CDC/CDP or CRM. Explore journeys and uncover how long it truly takes your visitors to become engaged customers.
Plans and Pricing
Trendemon Annual
Per Year+ USD 3000.00 License
Trendemon Annual
Trendemon Basic Edition - Includes Content Insights and Personalization.
Trendemon for SAP
Price upon request
Trendemon for SAP
A Trendemon account with an SAP CDC integration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
Trendemon is a global leader in content marketing analytics and optimization. We serve Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Panasonic, Volvo, Honda, Lexus, Metlife, Nestle, Rakuten, and many others.
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