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Put store associates & influencers in your online store
Storefronts for Salespeople
byTVPage, Inc.
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Launch storefronts for salespeople
Storefronts for salespeople are shoppable video landing pages in your store that enable salespeople to drive new traffic from social media and SEO by posting content matched with your product catalog.
Manage & engage salespeople
Work with your team of salespeople on marketing strategies, brand contests and giveaways to promote your products. Leverage their audiences to grow your business.
Commission salespeople
Track & pay salespeople with sales and commission reports. Monitor engagement from shoppable videos & photos. Analyze key performance indicators to track program growth and product sales.
Shoppable video
The platform matches video content to your product catalog, and enriches your online store with engaging video experiences from which customers can shop while they watch.
Salesperson management & engagement
Onboard, moderate and engage with your store associates, influencers, and customers as your online sales team. Work with them on targeted initiatives to drive new sales.
Salesperson social syndication
Enabling the sharing of shoppable content by salespeople directly to all social media networks from within the application, driving new customer engagement and sales.
Reporting & salesperson payout
Monitor engagement and conversion metrics, and pay a commission to each salesperson on newly generated sales, directly from the platform. Easily review each salesperson's monthly commission statements.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce
TVPage, Inc.
TVPage enables salespeople for ecommerce (store associates & influencers) by activating storefronts for salespeople in your online store. They post shoppable videos which generates new sales by sharing to their social audiences. Salespeople earn commis...
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