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Provide compliance to suppliers for a healthy supply chain
VendorVerifier for SAP Ariba Contracts
byISMS Applications LLC
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Ariba
Benefits and Features
Decrease cost of contracts with reduced litigations and breeches
VendorVerifier provides customizable templates and policy assessments to your supply chain through your existing SAP Ariba Contracts module. This reduces the likelihood of litigation, regulatory and contractual breeches, mitigating risks and legal fees.
Promote critical Work-From-Home policies for the increasingly remote workforce
Enable your suppliers to build WFH policies through your contract agreements to work with cybersecurity clauses in new and renewal contract agreements. Remote work exposes your sensitive information, IP, and customer data to new vulnerabilities, but we proactively keep your business healthy.
Reduce contract costs by removing objections
Your organization will be able to build terms and contracts that reduce push back from suppliers that state they can’t meet cybersecurity obligations. Objections lead to more negotiation time, legal fees and non-compliance. Providing them the tool to build important policies removes many objections.
Integrate with your SAP Ariba solutions effortless
Utilize our cybersecurity questions in your templates through a simple excel import or manually add in questions and the link to our platform to send to suppliers.
Send critical policies first
Prioritize important policies like Work From Home without overburdening the supplier. Enable policies based on your needs and see quicker responses, lower your costs, and increase your supply chain health.
Create policies that align with your business need
Suppliers will have access to powerful, user-friendly templates that can be built on a control-by-control basis, allowing the supplier to limit the scope and feel empowered and informed during the process.
Assess policies using machine learning
Suppliers will assess their newly created policies through the platforms’ machine learning algorithms that identifies Key Elements Not Included (KENI) and helps address the gaps. Your organization can be assured that all critical policies and procedures have been addressed.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Enterprise Version
Per Year
Enterprise Version
Minimum 1 year contract duration
Modularity - Choose critical policies first to reduce burden and increase compliance
Integrates with many other SAP Ariba modules like Sourcing, SLP, Supplier Risk
Suppliers have access to critical policies and assessments like Work-from-Home
For up to 3,000 Suppliers
Additional Pricing Options Available
Price upon request
Additional Pricing Options Available
Please contact the publisher for more details about the plans and pricing available for this solution
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Ariba
ISMS Applications LLC
At ISMS Applications, our mission is to provide technology that cost effectively automates the building and maintenance of compliance policies, fostering a healthy supply chain. Currently, we successfully deploy tools that allow the U.S. Defense Indust...
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