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Eliminate fraud and increase transaction approvals. 100% chargeback guarantee
Payment Guarantee Fraud Prevention
byVesta Corporation
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Grow revenue with more approved transactions
Increase approved transactions through best-in-class, accurate fraud detection without declining legitimate transactions. Ensure that all your approved transactions are free of fraud and remove liability for chargebacks.
Zero chargebacks. Zero fraud cost.
Vesta customers have zero fraud liability for accepted transactions. Our 100% chargeback guarantee means no fines or fees related to 3rd party fraud or unauthorized charges helping your top-line revenue. Over $1.1B guaranteed transactions.
Increase approval rates. Lower customer friction
Our intelligent automated fraud solution eliminates false positives reducing friction throughout the customer checkout. This means higher approved transactions while fighting fraud.
Fraud detection decisions in under 1sec
Machine learning models built on two trillion data points evaluate each transaction and determine risk. A risk decision of approved or denied is sent back to the merchant and every approved transaction is covered by a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee.
Patented AIML technology with smart authentication
Automated training and model selection process deployed in hours with models tailored to specific use cases. Behavior driven data with intelligent authentication levers using trillions of data points allows for unparalleled accuracy in fraud detection and risk decisions in real-time.
Behavioral analytics with instant decision
Our Data Collector product captures and analyzes user behavior on your website. This data is leveraged in real-time transaction risk decisions to both decrease fraud and increase acceptance rates. This follows the entire customer journey, from the first landing page through checkout and payment.
Device fingerprinting
Our risk models conduct real-time monitoring by detecting transaction and device anomalies and by enabling detection of the transaction’s originating-device IP address.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce
Vesta Corporation
Pioneer in processing fully guaranteed CNP payment transactions. We’ve been defining and refining scalable protection payment solutions for over 25 years globally. Our customers span all sectors of e-commerce – from airlines and telcos to money transfe...
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