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Boost your segmentation with GPS data in SAP Marketing Cloud.
Geolocation Add-on for SAP Marketing Cloud
byAnodius, a.s.
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Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Marketing Cloud
Benefits and Features
Enable location-based Marketing
You can enable location-based Marketing with Geocoding and better target your customers. You can use our system extension to import necessary geolocation data.
Double the performance of your marketing campaigns
Geography plays an essential part in creating customized and targeted marketing campaigns. According to the Local Search Association, geotargeting doubles the performance of all kinds of marketing methods, from email campaigns to paid search.
Lower down costs and boost effectivity with excluded locations
Try a new approach to exclusion non-target areas where your target audience will not be. (Geo-Targeting OPT-OUT Strategy) Excluding locations may also be a more cost-effective way to avoid higher costs. It is hard to exclude areas without geolocation.
Lower error rate
Manual selection of places from a list is accompanied by a significant chance of making errors. With our extension, you can display all your contacts on a map, so no customer will be left unnoticed while segmenting.
Automatic conversion addresses into GPS
The App is converting full addresses into geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude). Geolocation add-on translates addresses into GPS coordinates data through batch processing as well as individual processing of new records.
Effectiveness creating target group
If you wish to target your campaign only to a specific area, you don’t need to click out towns and villages from a list manually. Define a radius in kilometres, mark its centre and your target group is created.
Accuracy by segmentation
Segment your customers with a lot better accuracy. Thanks to the option of drawing a polygon, you are able to cover even asymmetrical areas more precisely than ever before.
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Productive and one test tenant deployment
One Time Edition
One Time Edition
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One time edition has just one initial payment
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Marketing Cloud
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