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Accelerate backups of media content in clouds and streamline its migration
Cloud Backup and Migration for SAP® Commerce
byAimprosoft LTD
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Save up to 24 hours of manual work
Automated creation and deployment lighten the management burden related to backups and save costs for staff hours. Automation can save up to 24 hours of manual work for one backup.
Make the most of the module's flexibility
You can use cloud accounts at your discretion to distribute security issues, save storage space, or store content on the public cloud. CMB enables users to share stored backup copies in whole or in part with distributed development teams.
Protect data with role-based access control
Role-based control helps keep secured content and allows using it partially by different users independently. Business owners can minimize security risks with discretionary access control, which is particularly important with dynamically changing business data.
Fast management of hot backups
The extension provides high-speed management of already created backups that can be easily operated. It is achieved by replacing manual work with cost-effective automation of routine operations related to data backups.
One-click data exporting
Users can create automated data backups with all media content zipped (ImpEx, CSV, media files) in the SAP Commerce Cloud. Instead of multiple ImpEx files, there is one backup file that contains all exporting data of sites and catalogs with media content from the website CMS.
Unlimited connection to clouds
You can back up data stored on your active Amazon S3 and Dropbox storage accounts. The CBM for SAP® Commerce module v.2.0 allows users to add an unlimited number of new accounts via a user-friendly module interface.
Access level management
The module has a new perspective for the back office with a new role and group that restricts permission to a chosen functionality. You can provide access to the module for any user by assigning them the appropriate role.
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Free Edition
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce
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