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10x Faster Integrations
Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform
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Benefits and Features
Preserve your systems
The Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform (DGB HIP) is an integration platform that preserves systems to be integrated as they are. Nothing is changed in the source and target systems, and all the data conversion between the systems is performed by Digibee platform.
Connect with everyone
The platform has services for complex data transformations between systems, orchestrating the company’s internal or external data and services. DGB HIP implements a connector architecture ready for more than 550 different technologies and well-known applications, such as SAP, Totvs, Oracle, SalesForce, ServiceNow, etc.
No code
The creation of flows is performed using our NO CODE approach, with flow graphs that are easy to create and understand. All flows created are run by the platform throughout its life cycle, with versioning, collaboration, metadata, APIs, policies, events, data quality, tracking, and operational analysis.
Visual integration design
Using drag and drop functionalities, preset connectors, customized templates and libraries, your developers will create integrations up to 10x faster than they would do manually, releasing your professionals to focus on your business core.
Frictionless, fast deployment
Deployment is made in seconds: choose the environment - Test or Production -, select the pipeline version and the deployment size. The platform will create a corresponding number of pipeline replicas according to the selected deployment size, enable monitoring and publish the pipeline, making it immediately available.
Built-in monitoring
From the moment a pipeline is deployed monitoring is automatically activated - no human intervention needed.The platform dashboard provides graphical representation of the pipelines execution behavior: deployed version, average execution time, errors and execution dynamics as well as access to execution logs.
Resilient, dependable runtime
The platform is 100% cloud native, fully based on containers orchestrated through Kubernetes. A pipeline is deployed through replicas, which are identical execution instances, yet logically isolated into Pods. When an event or request associated to the pipeline is detected, an available replica will More
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