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The Budgeting solution everyone wants on Business ByDesign!
Seidor Budget@Cloud for SAP Business ByDesign
bySeidor Colombia SAS
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Business ByDesign
Benefits and Features
Control your taxes based on your G/L accounts
Control your expenses thru real posted and commited expenses. This allows the Company to have a clear view on all expenses and where these are currently allocated.
Configure your process on the solution as required. This Multi-Customer solution as configuration templates for all the required set-ups, assuring a fast and adaptable configuration.
Budget Log
Have a clear sight of how your budget is affected. This solution allows you to control expenses based on real and commited expenses, having full control and visility of your purchases.
Budget Control
With both Opex and Capex budget control you can adapt the budget to comply with your business needs. This allows the Company to control expenses as required, with adaptability to different business processes.
Budget Log
Every document affecting your budget will be displayed on the Budget Log which wil display the document type and amount posted, the original document ID and the budget impact it had.
Adaptable functionalities
As an add-on, the solution is ready to go as soon as it is deployed! Once the solution is active, you can start creating your budget requirements and setting up the master data!
Set up for one time purchases
Configuration of the budget add-on can be adapted to the system master data. We also cover one time purchases executed with a product category, to ensure no purchase is left behind.
Plans and Pricing
Monthly Suscription
Per Month+ USD 3500.00 Setup Fee
Monthly Suscription
Quarterly Releases
Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Business ByDesign
Seidor Colombia SAS
Seidor is the #1 ByDesign Partner in the World. With presence in different continents we have worldwide knowledge of different solutions and business types.
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