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Intercompany transactions at a glance
IC Reconciliation Cockpit
byverovis GmbH
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
Benefits and Features
Accelerate pre-consolidation process
IC differences can be determined and analised more quickly.
Savings on oppertunity costs
Resources can be used much more efficiently
Regulatory compliance
Faster detection of IC differences, due to comprehensive overview.
BW Query interface
With the BW query structures, mentioned in the attached screenshot, the VBA code automatically generates the IC matrix based on the given data source.
Transparent landing page
Get yourself an immediate insight over the different general ledger viewpoints and a summary of the pertinent intercompany differences. The prompt pop up called by the added BW query will initiate the calculation of a new Top 20 IC differences table.
Intercompany matrix
A VBA macro generates a matrix out of any added database and highlights relevant IC differences based on a customized threshold. The highlighted values are also provided with a hyperlink, which leads directly to a detailed analysis.
Detailed analysis query
All provided hyperlinks of the workbook are leading directly to a detailed analysis tab within. All corresponding information (entity and partner entity key) are transfered by the macro to this detailed query.
Plans and Pricing
Analysis Workbook and VBA Macro coding
Price upon request
Analysis Workbook and VBA Macro coding
Excel Workbook and VBA Macro Code
Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
The information contained in this section is provided by the publisher.
Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
verovis GmbH
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