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Maintain and Manage all your product data in one place
flexiPIM: flexible Product Information Management
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Benefits and Features
Product Data Quality
Controlling Product Data is a Growing Challenge and maintaining Data Quality is the key ingredient for your brand uniqueness and better ROI. flexiPIM will help you sort that out. It will organize and manage all product information. It will also make it easier to share that data across different channels.
Improved Customer Experience
flexiPIM multi-channel sync helps businesses give customers consistent access to detailed and relevant product information. This reduces instances of product returns or complaints. It also reduces shopping cart abandonment.It makes new products available to customers much faster than in normal circumstances.
Boosts Time Efficiency
“Time is money” as the saying goes. Companies who refuse to sacrifice their time and profit to control product data are adopting PIMs to ensure that no faulty or incomplete product information is ever published. flexiPIM helps businesses to reduces constant and manual data entry work. It makes it ea More
Multi Channel and Multi Language Support
Expand your brand's growth with localization. flexiPIM delivers exceptional support across multiple channels and offers class apart multi-language features to help pivot your brand and customer experience. You can Connect 'N' no of SAP commerce store with flexiPIM and Enrich your product content with multiple languages
Seamless Integrations (with ERP, CRM, DAM, and more)
Integrate flexiPIM with any of your existing ERP, CRM, DAM, etc. to ensure all data is securely and swiftly migrated to SAP Commerce with zero data loss. Run the business effectively with the right integrations in place.
One Stop Repository of Product Data
All the product data and content is stored in a single repository making it convenient for employees from multiple departments to access data. Also, with Role Based Access, you can decide who gets to see what.
Bulk Edit, Import And Export
We know how daunting it is to upload/edit products data one by one, and we heard you presenting Bulk Edit, Import and Export, which lets you change, upload and download all the products data in a single click.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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  • SAP Commerce
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