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Production and monitoring with SAP ERP and MES CAT
byT.CON GmbH & Co. KG
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Benefits and Features
Fast order processing
A reliable production tied to efficient planning and connected to the ERP offers the basis to optimize production schedules. This ensures a reliable production schedule. You can deliver orders faster and with extreme reliability.
Less setup time and downtime
If companies link production and quality data to maintenance measure registrations, unplanned downtimes can be reduced. Users can monitor run-time intervals of wear parts and schedule downtimes.
Higher capacity and output
The production control station in MES CAT supplements the production planning in the ERP system. Sequential planning is possible on a per-resource basis, along with a variety of optimization options. Sequencing, utilization and deadlines can be planned and tracked along the temporal axis.
Fully integrated in SAP
MES CAT is a scalable tool to monitor your production environments. It is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business Suite since it is built on SAP Net Weaver. Its various modules add valuable functions to the SAP module ecosystem. As an SAP-certified solution MES CAT works perfectly with your SAP envi More
Customizable views and menus
Even though MES CAT is a fully integrated SAP application you can access it with any device. It runs in your browser or in a client. It offers full FIORI support. You can integrate any MES CAT element to your FIORI Launchpad or design your own launchpad to access specific MES CAT functions.
Set and check production parameters
In the work center you can see all relevant information for your production order. Define, set and check the parameters of factors like your output, use of materials or time. If necessary, you can add information manually as well.
Integrated quality control
You can ensure quality inspections by defining your quality parameters, for example substance, density and width of your goods. Here our solution is fully customizable as well to meet your entrepreneurial goals. You can define quality inspections as obligatory before a set can be booked if certain s More
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Available on all work centers in the production process
Integrates warehouse management
Indicates problems with input material
Suspends goods or WIP based on quality status
Associates errors and waste to the place of origin
Customers’ material descriptions can be included and listed
Transparent incoming goods functions for SAP ERP
All logs from incoming goods to production order are made adjusted
Collects and identifies incoming external material for further processing
Simplifies incoming goods processing by using mobile terminals
Inventory is automatically updated online (incoming goods & consumption)
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Solution Types
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