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Life Sciences For Data Warehouse Cloud
Life Sciences for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
Benefits and Features
Enterprise-grade performance and security
SnapLogic platform operates at a massive scale moving 1.3 trillion documents a month for our customers and runs business-critical workloads for hundreds of fortune 2000 customers worldwide. Additionally, the platform provides built-in governance, security, and monitoring and is certified by third pa More
Any data, any time, anywhere
SnapLogic has a JSON and REST-based architecture that supports any data (application, data, IoT, etc.), any time (streaming, batch-based, event-based), anywhere (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid).
Iris AI-powered integrations so that you are productive in hours
SnapLogic was first in the industry to apply AI to integrations. Iris AI-powered integration assistant not only recommends first Snap (pre-built connector), next Snap, and previous Snap but also recommends entire pipelines by leveraging intelligence from all the successfully executed pipelines. With More
Unified Platform for Application, Data, Big Data, and B2B integration
SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) provides a single workflow designer for all your integrations whether they are connecting on-premises or cloud-based applications or databases or big-data stores, or legacy EDI systems. SnapLogic platform also provides a full-lifecycle API management  More
No-code visual integrations to power your business teams
SnapLogic IIP was designed with the needs of business users in mind. IT teams today are severely resource-constrained and they can benefit from a platform that helps them set the guard rails but at the same time enables their business teams. Business users can get to insights quickly by building end More
500+ Snaps (pre-built connectors) for a short time to value
With 500+ pre-built connectors, IT and business leaders who need to connect endpoints can generally find a Snap to meet the task. Additionally, SnapLogic provides REST and SOAP API connectors to pull data from or write to any modern application or datastore.
Plans and Pricing
30-Day Free-Trial
For 30 Day(s)
30-Day Free-Trial
Includes 1 User
30 Day max. contract duration
Per Year
1 Node
Unlimited pipeline executions
Cloud or Ground
Connectors (Snaps) included: All database Snaps, Core Snaps, Salesforce CRM (Read) Snap, Dynamics CRM (Read) Snap, Data Engineering Snaps (AL/ML)
Includes 5 User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
SnapLogic is the leader in self-service application and data integration. We make it fast and easy for users to connect applications and data across the enterprise so they can improve business processes, accelerate decision-making, and drive better bus...
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