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Transform Your Business with Employee Scheduling Software
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Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Fieldglass
Benefits and Features
Manage All Labor In One Schedule
Shiftboard enables Fieldglass customers to manage different vendors within one, centralized schedule while also maintaining separate visibility and scheduling controls for each vendor and any other divisions required for optimal schedule management (skills, departments, etc).
Improved Vendor Performance
Shiftboard provides scheduling and communication automation that drive faster 'time to fill' performance, increased fill rates, reduced turnover and many other scheduling efficiencies.
Compliance and Rule Automation
Shiftboard has the capability to automate the management of rules, prioritizations and laws required to run your scheduling efforts. This includes but is not limited to: unions, California overtime, local labor laws, fixed rotations, OT management rules, fatigue management (RP 755), and others.
Improve Worker Retention
Shiftboard’s 2019 State of the Hourly Worker report found that 69 percent of hourly workers say they are likely to seek a new position in the near future. Hourly workers place importance on the work schedule, pay, flexibility, and transparency.
Reduce Overtime and Labor Costs
Hourly labor is often in the spotlight of daily and weekly expense control because it’s tied directly to revenue production and profitability. Through Shiftboad's scheduling automation that can account for OT, prioritizations and scheduling rules/laws, Shiftboard will find the most optimal workers.
Ensure Labor Compliance
The cost and complexity of compliance with labor laws and agreements are high. With Shiftboard's scheduling rule engine, things like strict OT assignment lists or fatigue management (RP 755) are fully automated, providing huge time savings to navigate compliance.
Optimize Contingent Workforce
Navigate short falls from one vendor by reallocating demands to another vendor to help hedge against production shortfalls. Shiftboard ensures optimal coverage while engaging multiple labor source.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Fieldglass
Shiftboard serves frontline operations that need to be always on and have demanding workforce scheduling requirements. Our solutions provide customers with the confidence and flexibility they need to operate with absolute precision and efficiency.
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