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Performance Enablement Platform for SAP SuccessFactors
Gnowbe Performance Enablement Solution
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP SuccessFactors Learning
Benefits and Features
The perfect solution for corporate onboarding, sales enablement and upskilling
Based on the latest science of adult learning, gamification, and behavior design, our approach is bite-sized, collaborative, and drives 'on-the-job application' for greater performance.
Available on all devices. Use any desktop/notebook/smartphone
You don't have to worry about your employee's device compatibility. Gnowbe is designed to work on any smartphone running iOS or Android. And any desktop/notebook running macOS or Windows. This is anytime, anywhere and any device made possible.
Deploy in real-time, anywhere on the globe
With Gnowbe, take training worldwide. Deploying - training material, product information, company onboarding information and much more - is now made real-time. And made available anywhere.
Reimagine the way courses are authored
Integrate different types of media such as videos, images, quotes, articles, surveys, quizzes, polls and rewards into a single program that can be tailored to different users - all without the need for a single line of code.
Compatible with 200+ LMS systems and applications
Gnowbe was built to adapt to your needs, and supports over 200 enterprise integrations, including Slack, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office, SAP SuccessFactors and so much more.
Social learning to leverage peer knowledge
You are never alone in Gnowbe. Learners are always part of a group, and are encouraged to discuss, debate and learn from the collective experience of the organization.
Visibility into what your people know, think & do
Gnowbe’s proprietary data & analytics platform, GnowbeEngine™, empowers you to evaluate your employee’s skills and performance anytime by accessing real-time data, assessments, and analytics.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
An award-winning Performance Enablement solution, Gnowbe currently serves clients in over 33 countries worldwide. With a full suite of enterprise-ready features, curated course library, and turnkey course and content creation, Gnowbe has been helping c...
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