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Performance Management Learning Platform for SAP SuccessFactors
Gnowbe Performance Learning Solution
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SAP SuccessFactors Learning
Benefits and Features
Look at an in-depth analysis on individual employees performance.
You can now view each Individual employee's engagement rates, completion rates, interaction measures, user-program effectiveness and much more with just a glance.
Downloads on all devices. Use any desktop/notebook/smartphone.
You don't have to worry about your employee's device compatibility. Gnowbe is designed to work on any smartphone running iOS or Android. And any desktop/notebook running macOS or Windows. This is anytime, anywhere and any device made possible.
Deploys in real-time anywhere on the globe.
With Gnowbe, take training worldwide. Deploying - training material, product information, company onboarding information and much more - is now made real-time. And made available anywhere.
Gamification and fun drives higher engagement.
Gnowbe applies gamification principles to create friendly competition and embeds elements of surprise. We use behavior design through nudges, reminders and spaced repetition to make learning stick. This is why >90% love learning in Gnowbe and clients see 10x higher engagement than leading e-learning platforms.
Social Learning to leverage peer knowledge.
All participants are part of a group(s) that encourages discussions, debates, observations, likes and shares to leverage the experience of the organization (you can’t be alone in Gnowbe). It’s the ‘facebook of learning.’
Awesome analytics to make better decisions.
Gnowbe’s proprietary analytics engine paves the way to new possibilities in reporting. With GnowbeEngine™, your organization now holds the power to evaluate your employees’ skills and performance by analyzing real-time data.
Content curation goes mobile. Seriously mobile.
Save 70% of the time and cost of curation. Be it product knowledge or onboarding, create new content in minutes right from your favorite device. Say good-bye to cumbersome edit cycles and say hello to instant curation and editing on-the-go.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
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