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Procurement Integrity
SAS for Procurement Integrity
bySAS Institute Inc.
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Enhanced Enterprise Surveillance
The solution utilizes a variety of bespoke analytics tuned for effective Enterprise procurement surveillance. Our solution bundle includes an advanced SAP-specific data model, pre-built data refining routines designed to process both internal and external sources together with an optimised Alert Gen More
Smart and focused audit
SAS provides you with comprehensive decision management. Discover and trigger alerts and events of interest through the deployment of advanced analytics models, business rules and scenarios, and by integrating with third-party systems to exchange information.
Better accuracy
With cleaner data and extensive scenario management (risk scoring rules) capabilities, your analysts get the insights they need to increase accuracy and reduce false negatives – as well as false positives.
Investigative workspaces for collaboration, compliance and efficiency
With access to an interactive visualization, search and investigative workspace, your analysts can build, gather, explore, visualize and manipulate data that’s pertinent to their investigation or research, and take static clips of visualizations to narrate maps, timelines, networks and other content.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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