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CX analytics without boundaries
CX Cloud Dashboard
byRevuze Ltd
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Sales Cloud
Benefits and Features
Insights that others can't provide
The unique technology provides you with up to 8-10X the insights others typically provide. This way you can see around corners and be on top of challenges or opportunities
Near real time visibility
Continuous data update and no experts (IT, data scientists, analysts) involvement means insights are delivered at unparalleled speeds, and are consumed in a self service model, driving quick decision making
Full industry coverage
The Revuze dashboard includes a full catalog of all brands, SKU's and discussion topics in the industry
Automation of qualitative analysis
Automatically turn any customer opinion into detailed BI. Data sources can be public (ratings and reviews, social) or internal (call center, surveys, CRM). No experts involved. The software will automatically build a complete market catalog covering all the brands, products and topics discussed
One click reporting
With a click you can turn your insights into great looking PPT or detailed Excels.
Easy to use
Typically after a single online training session anyone with basic computer skills can get deep insights and share them with peers or management. The software also includes pre-built scenarios such as competitive analysis seen here that allows users to easily compare any product, brand or groups to each other
Any textual data source
Group all your significant customer opinion sources under one analysis solution to gain deep insights and holistic view of all customer perspectives. From surveys to online ratings to social media to call centers you are not limited by channel or amounts of channels
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Starter pack - 1 industry, 1 country
Per Year
Starter pack - 1 industry, 1 country
2 data sources
Monthly data updates
Online training and support
Includes 3 User
Includes unlimited Gigabyte database sizes
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Sales Cloud
Revuze Ltd
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