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Ideal Supplier Identification
Ideal Supplier Identification on SAP Analytics Cloud
byVASPP Technologies
Ideal Supplier Identification
This content on SAP Analytics Cloud helps Intelligent Enterprise to connect with SAP Intelligent Applications like SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, Customer Experience and analyse the supply, demand and inventory to evaluate the best suited supplier for procurement. Ideal Supplier Identification gives an overvi More
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SAP Analytics Cloud
Benefits and Features
Financial Overview by Supplier
Using this content Admin/manager can see the financial report of supplier and also describes total material cost based on finished goods for individual supplier
Overall Performance of Suppliers
This content provides supplier availability based on finished goods to be produced like for each of the finished product, which is the best supplier in terms of availability, delivery times and the lead time
Risk Management
By looking into this report Admin can manages the Risk from the supplier in terms of defect rate and the customer response
Financial Overview of Suppliers
It Visualizes the Financial overview of Revenue, Average cost of purchase order and cost incurred in Procurement over the Suppliers
Profits and Savings of Suppliers
It Visualizes the Total Profits and Savings of Suppliers
Improved performance in supply
Performance of each Supplier who delivered on time and rate of Availability of suppliers for the Finished products
Forecasing of Raw Material price over the Suppliers
It Capitalizes the Trend over Raw Material price and Quality requirements for the possible hikes in future
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  • SAP Analytics Cloud
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