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Increase transparency and decrease critical delays in your supply chain
Supply Chain Visibility and ETA Platform
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Transportation Management
Benefits and Features
Benefit from complete visibility of your supply chain
We show you exactly where your transport is, which disruptions occur on the way and when your transport arrives. With deeper insights, supply chain disruptions will no longer take you by surprise, promoting the stability of your transport processes and planning reliability.
Mold your supply chain into a competitive advantage
Synfioo provides you with a greater sense of control and flexibility, minimizing your exposure to uncertainties and what-if scenarios, optimizing transport processes, and effectively distributing resources. The ability to anticipate disruptions along your supply chain operations results in time and monetary savings.
Communicate easily with all supply chain partners
We predict possible shortcomings in your supply chain. All parties involved in the transport process receive relevant disruption alerts and alternative recommendations for action at an early stage. This facilitates efficient communication among all supply chain participants and forms a solid foundat More
Build a resilient supply chain
We account for the entire supply chain and gather real-time information related to potential disruptions from over 50 external data sources to derive high-fidelity Estimated Time of Arrivals. Our Process-ETA allows you to avoid buffer times while optimizing your asset utilization.
Focus on your exceptions
Put an end to manual search by allowing Synfioo to aggregate your data and alert you to disruptions when a transport encounters an unforeseen incident. Faster tracking of issues and efficient management of delays reduce detrimental business impacts. Your focus can be directed to the management of ex More
Track & Trace all your transports
The Track & Trace feature provides you with real-time location of your transports. This feature not only benefits you, but also your customers, ensuring customer satisfaction by keeping them up to date. In addition, Synfioo provides all supply chain participants with the relevant information—nothing More
Don’t put in any extra effort
You don't have to get used to a new system. Our solution can be easily integrated into the existing user interface of your SAP TM as an addition to your Transportation Cockpit. The traffic light color system provides a clear overview which allows you to act quickly.
Plans and Pricing
Supply Chain Visibility Use Case Workshop
Supply Chain Visibility Use Case Workshop
Assess Your Supply Chain Visibility Readiness
Includes unlimited User
Truck Edition
Price upon request
Truck Edition
Easy access in a user-friendly environment - Use the Synfioo Services in your own browser
Disruption and movement data can be retrieved from anywhere
Everything at a glance thanks to a detailed map view
Includes 10 User
Intermodal Edition
Price upon request
Intermodal Edition
Merge internal company transport plans with external data
Real-time ETA predictions that take into account all merged data sources
Transports are sorted according to urgency and visualized including the reasons for delay
Includes 10 User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Transportation Management
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