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Guide, Engage, Automate and Simplify the User Experience
WalkMe Digital Adoption for SAP Cloud Platform
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite
Benefits and Features
WalkMe Process Automation
Using the WalkMe Process Automation (WPA) application, customers can enjoy out-of-the-box guidance, automated processes and ActionBot capabilities to perform different actions.
WalkMe Onboarding
By having the ability to create user or group based pre-defined tasks, WalkMe streamlines and standardizes employee onboarding to slash training expenditure by high percentages.
WalkMe Proactive Engagement
WalkMe can be set to alert users proactively, without being directly actived. WalkMe can alert a user to important updates, new features, send reminders and even redirect a user if they are doing the wrong thing.
Guide user how to complete a task
By providing users with unique visual on-screen cues, WalkMe's guidance provides step by step directions on screen to improve user experience, task orientation and feature adoption.
Engage users with proactive messages and alerts
WalkMe engages users in many ways, including ShoutOuts which appear without prompting and guide the user to complete a process, notify them of a new feature or direct them to something important.
Automate monotonous tasks to save time
WalkMe Automation simplifies the user experience, eliminates unnecessary risks and boosts productivity by eliminating empty clicks and automating tedious and complex tasks.
Get insights to metrics of your application use
WalkMe Insights (analytics) provides highly valuable insight into your site metrics and WalkMe implementation. Receive information on how your users are engaging with your site and what obstacles they encounter.
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Plans and Pricing
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Price can vary, most commonly between $1 to $10 per user per month
Annual Subscription Fee
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Edition Details
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Edition Details
Please contact the publisher for more details about the plans and pricing available for this solution.
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite
WalkMe specializes in digital adoption with in-app guidance, insights, and automation for end users, as well as management analytics to inform a successful digital adoption strategy and maximize value.
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