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Make Candidates Your Greatest Customers, Fans and Advocates
Virtual Recruitment Assistant - SAP SuccessFactors
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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
Benefits and Features
Improve Candidate Experience with Personalized Candidate communication
With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and intelligent automation, you can send personalized feedback messages, status updates, and interview invitations to all job candidates. This significantly improves the dialogue between job candidates and employers an More
Attract Better Candidates and Receive More Relevant Applications
With a strong Employer Brand, you attract the best candidates to apply and become advocates of your company, recommending you to their social circles. Thanks to the AI-powered personalized feedback, candidates learn why they were not selected and can apply for more relevant positions in the future.  More
Decrease Costs and Time-to-hire
TalentAdore Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) automates those parts of a recruitment process where human input adds little or no value. This saves time and allows you to focus on your core work: the people. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not replace the human but rather makes one’s work mor More
Personalized Candidate Communication
You can send AI-powered personalized feedback messages to your candidates in no time. Our technology converts your click-based evaluation into rich natural language. Also, our solution suggests suitable moments to update candidates of their status in the process and generates messages automatically.
Talent Community Sourcing
When creating a new posting, our matching algorithms can source candidates from your talent communities and provide you with objective recommendations for the most suitable candidates. You can also keep in touch with potential candidates, store referrals, and link them to active recruitments.
AI-based Candidate Matching
Our solution automatically pre-screens, sorts and highlights top candidates in order of relevance, based on the requirements in job descriptions. Also, our chatbot, using the AI matching technology, interacts with your candidates on your career pages and directs them to apply for relevant positions.
Intuitive User Interface for Hiring Managers
Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) offers recruiters and hiring managers a highly intuitive and simplified user interface to do their part of the work in a timely manner. Hiring managers have their own ‘Hiring Manager View’. It also exists as a very convenient mobile version.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Superior Candidate Communication, including 100% personalized feedback for candidates
AI Matching with automatic recommendations
Talent Community Enhancement with AI Sourcing
Hiring Manager View for intuitive user experience
Advanced Analytics, including the measurement of Candidate Experience in real-time
TalentAdore VRA Subscription
Price upon request
TalentAdore VRA Subscription
Our modern recruitment solution, Virtual Recruitment Assistant, helps you to efficiently hire the right talents while decreasing your hiring costs and time-to-hire.
The VRA makes applying effortless and matches candidates to the most suitable positions.
Candidates can interact with our AI-assisted chatbot that directs them to apply for relevant positions.
Our solution also enables superior candidate communication. You can send personalized status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate.
For hiring managers, it offers a highly intuitive user interface to do their part of the work in a timely manner.
To obtain more value out of your talent communities, the AI matching automatically sorts top candidates in order of relevance.
Includes unlimited User
TalentAdore Demo Trial
For 14 Day(s)
TalentAdore Demo Trial
In this version you can try the demo version of our solution which includes e.g. the intuitive user interface, personalized feedback for candidates, AI matching, and measuring candidate experience in real-time.
Try TalentAdore to see how it will benefit your organization.
Includes unlimited User
14 Day max. contract duration
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
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