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Software for non-profit organizations
byGRÜN Software AG
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GRÜN MFplus broad overview
GRÜN MFplus is a SAP-based solution that provides you with extensive information about members and doners in non-profit or membership organizations. It allows your organization to maintain your contacts, payments and marketing activities. GRÜN MFplus offers a wide range of standard processes as a se More
GRÜN MFplus is an NGO-specific CRM solution, which as an industry solution and focused on the processes of donor and member organizations. It is based on the SAP enterprise software and represents its own SAP module, which "communicates" with other SAP modules wherever it makes sense. This integrati More
The marketing functionalities of the membership und fundraising solution provide the opportunities to create target groups based on the records master data. These target groups can be stored in Campaigns or single marketing actions with added advertising codes. These stored target groups can be addr More
Master Data Management
The GRÜN MFplus Customer Cockpit represents an easy and comfortable functionality to maintain the Master Data of members, donors or any other interested parties or records. The Cockpit provides a full overview for every record stored in MFplus. Next to person- and address-data, you can store bank ac More
If there are incoming payments like donations or membership fees, they can be processed automatically or manually in GRÜN MFplus. The membership und fundraising software GRÜN MFplus possesses different functionalities like processing of electronic bank statements, debit entries or manual accounting  More
Analyzes and reporting
If payments in GRÜN MFplus are provided with information such as the name of the mailing, intended use or an advertising code, you can determine the success of a mailing in the comparison of expenses and revenues in the analyses and reporting of GRÜN MFplus. In addition, there are a large number o More
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Market-leading SAP integrated NPO-specific CRM solution, which is focuses on the processes of donor and membership organizations
Industry solution with extensive predefined standard processes and still highly flexible to customize individual requirements
GRÜN MFplus provides a flexible ledger for SAP Financial Accounting
GRÜN MFplus optimizes campaign management and fundraising activities while serving as the central CRM system for your organization
Supports all commercial processes in the area of ​​membership, automatic pricing and membership fees
With GRÜN MFplus you have the possibility to use various interfaces to connect external modules to MFplus. MFplus offers an interface to use the external address-quality product q.address to recognize duplicates and to expand the search functionalities. Other interfaces include the functionalities for Computer-Telephone-Integration, Interface to archive data or documents and the SAP data redemption tool. GRÜN MFplus connects the database with Microsoft office solutions to create single letters, single e-mails, serial letters and serial e-mails. Furthermore, GRÜN MFplus provides a variable import Tool called ETL. This tool can be used to create variable import-schemes for different file structures from different sources including synonyms, data conversions, validations and controls.
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Solution Types
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