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B2B eCommerce platform built for manufacturers. SAP ERP integration included.
Corevist Commerce - B2B Commerce Integrated to SAP ERP
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Benefits and Features
Grow revenue with B2B eCommerce that’s built for manufacturers.
Through rich content, product recommendations, cross-sell/upsell capabilities, and more, Corevist Commerce empowers you to maximize order value from each of your distribution partners.
Minimize ongoing data maintenance with built-in SAP integration.
If you’ve already invested in your SAP system, you shouldn’t have to rebuild complex business rules in an eCommerce platform. Because Corevist’s SAP integration enforces your business rules from SAP in the web store, any updates you make in SAP are reflected immediately in Corevist Commerce.
Reduce your Customer Service burden with a self-service portal.
If your company relies on phone, fax, and email to process Customer Service inquiries, you can reduce your cost of post-order care with Corevist Commerce. Our solution includes order status & tracking for orders from all channels, plus online invoice payments for self-service credit management.
Personalized eCommerce catalog
Corevist Commerce supports personalized catalogs for each sold-to (customer) in the web store. Only the products which the user is allowed to buy in SAP ERP are displayed in Corevist Commerce. The solution automatically displays contract pricing & personalized ATP (available to promise) calculation.
Instant online ordering
The Corevist cart enforces rules from SAP ERP like pricing, minimum quantity, SKU substitution, & more. Corevist Commerce prompts the user to fix errors & only posts 100% error-free orders to SAP ERP. If the order conforms to business rules, the user can place it immediately from the web store.
Order status for orders from all channels
Corevist Commerce includes order status & tracking for orders from all channels. Phone, fax, EDI, & eCommerce orders display within the order history section of Corevist Commerce. The user can get updates on orders, view tracking numbers, real-time shipment status from all major carriers, & more.
Pay invoices online
Corevist Commerce allows users to select unpaid invoices and pay them online, using your preferred payment methods like credit/debit cards, ACH transfer, eCheck, Paypal, and more. Payments are posted to SAP ERP immediately, and the user's credit status is updated in the Corevist Commerce web store.
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Corevist Commerce
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Corevist Commerce
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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Corevist makes B2B eCommerce accessible to every manufacturer running SAP. With no added burden on clients’ IT staff, Corevist empowers organizations to compete online yet retain the focus on their core business. Corevist is a global company with clien...
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