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Keep Enterprise Assets Productive with Effective Master Data Governance
SAP Master Data Governance, EAM extension by Utopia
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Benefits and Features
Increase asset productivity by keeping assets up and running longer
The solution ensures that assets stay running and productive by avoiding shutdowns caused by poor maintenance or missing parts.
Drive efficiency and boost profits through better maintenance planning.
Better maintenance planning reduces spares and parts costs, with advanced scheduling eliminating the need for costly expedited delivery. In addition, improved visibility of maintenance requirements helps you ensure that nothing is missed, enhancing safety across your operations.
Reduce costs through more-efficient spares and parts management
Accurate and flexible reporting on the master data of a particular piece of equipment used during different time periods such as two consecutive quarters provides the foundation for reliable, accurate, and standardized master data that leads to performing maintenance budgeting, predictive maintenance, and benchmarking.
Create a predefined master data model for enterprise assets
A predefined model for standard data objects used in enterprise asset management. This helps ensure your asset master data is accurate and up-to-date throughout the asset lifecycle, from design through construction, operation, and maintenance to decommission.
Make data maintenance straightforward and efficient.
With a few clicks, you can view the entire list of master data for enterprise asset management and drill down to a specific data object.
Achieve accurate, time-based reporting
Sophisticated functionality for detailed reports, such as time-dependent and period dependent versioning, enables you to maintain data charts for different time periods simultaneously.
Control access and track changes
Secure access helps ensure that there are no changes to asset management master data without a valid business reason and that the person who makes the change has full clearance to do so. The software also enables you to keep detailed records of who makes changes and when. This helps your managers co More
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Edition Details
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