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Simplify omnichannel experience with centralized retail article master data governance
SAP Master Data Governance, Retail and Fashion Management extension by Utopia
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Benefits and Features
Centralized control to simplify master data management
Increase the quality of retail master data through central management and governance. Operationalize a “maintain once – use everywhere” best practice.
Lower requirements for warehouse space to reduce logistics costs
Accurate listing of attributes for each article simplifies logistics at stores and distribution centers, helping you lower inventory carrying costs. And transparent product visibility across the supply chain reduces the risk of overstocks or out-of-stocks.
Faster new product introduction due to a single source of product information
With a centralized solution for master data, you establish a single source of product information. You need change only one set of data rather than update multiple applications. This helps improve data consistency and accuracy and ensure delivery of the most recent information to all stakeholders in More
Build on a predefined master data model for articles
SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia, provides a predefined model for the standard data objects that organizations typically use in article management.
Make data maintenance straightforward and efficient
Maintain master data quickly and intuitively. With just a few clicks, you can display the entire list of master data and select a range of information for update, or drill down to update an individual data object. You can also define business rules that validate data input, helping ensure data accur More
Achieve accurate, time-based reporting
Clear and accurate reporting provides transparency and traceability for all your articles, in all your stores and distribution centers. It also supports informed decisions across the functional areas of your business.
Centralize master data to control access and change
The solution allows you to manage your article management information on the same platform you use to manage master data for finance, materials management, and supplier and customer relations. By linking all master data, you can standardize and streamline data governance processes across the full retail enterprise.
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