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Automate the Generation of Reports
ActiveBatch® IT Automation – Integration for SAP Crystal Reports & SAP Crystal Server
byAdvanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Automate the Generation of Reports
ActiveBatch IT Automation’s Integration with Crystal Reports and Crystal Server allows users to automate the generation of reports based on advanced date/time job scheduling capabilities or IT & business events to integrate Crystal Reporting into end-to-end workflows.
Works with
SAP Crystal Reports
Benefits and Features
Build End-to-End Workflows
ActiveBatch supports the integration of Crystal Reports with other powerful ActiveBatch functions such as defined Database Jobs, File Operations, SQL Server, FTP, and email so users can build end-to-end workflows across different applications and data sources.
Leverage from Robust Scheduling Capabilities
Users can leverage ActiveBatch’s robust scheduling capabilities, including job constraints, a dynamic event architecture, SLAs, and audits to dynamically execute Crystal Reports based on specific date/time scheduling or IT and business events.
Build and Automate Workflows
ActiveBatch’s seamless integrations allow users to build and automate more reliable workflows in half the time to improve agility and productivity in their IT environment.
Use Job Scheduling and IT Automation Capabilities
ActiveBatch supports scheduling of workflows based on the concept of a Business Day. SAP users can also expand their IT automation capabilities with ActiveBatch events by initiating a workflow upon a variety of system or application events. ActiveBatch event triggers ensure that IT and Business proc More
Use a Variety of User Interfaces
ActiveBatch supports a wide range of interfaces to allow organizations to customize their automation environment to fit their unique needs. Choose between ActiveBatch Admin, Web Console, Self Service Portal, and Mobile Interface.
Use the Integrated Jobs Library
Users can employ proven and reliable Job Steps for commonly scripted actions that are ready for assembly into your SAP and non-SAP workflows. Crystal Reports and Crystal Server Job Steps leverage ActiveBatch’s robust job scheduling capabilities, including job constraints, a dynamic event architectur More
Access Detailed Views
Monitor and manage workflow development and progress from a high-level overview to a detailed, in-depth analysis, making it easy for developers and operations to identify and analyze data. Here are just some of the views available with ActiveBatch: map view, gantt view, service level (sla) monitorin More
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Edition Details
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Edition Details
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Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP Crystal Reports
Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) was founded in 1981 by Ben Rosenberg as a software engineering and consulting company specializing in the development of strategic system software management solutions. With an initial focus on the development of ...
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