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Asset Tagging and Reconciliation for SAP Asset Accounting
mAssetTag - Fixed Assets Tracking and Tagging
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Benefits and Features
Reduce Tax Liabilities, Insurance Premiums and Losses
Accurate reporting of fixed assets can reduce procurement costs, insurance premiums and tax payments - all by gaining greater visibility into lost, stolen and retired asset data.
Improve Fixed Asset Accuracy and Employee Productivity
Transforming traditional time-consuming and error-prone, paper-based workflows with simple and highly configurable mobile apps drastically improves fixed asset accuracy on an organization's financial statements by 99% and employee productivity by 40%.
Eliminate Paper and Get Rid of Manual and Error-Prone Spreadsheets
Eliminate errors in data entry which may go unnoticed and cause financial reporting errors. Ensure proper audit trails and history for internal and external audits and reporting.
Fixed Asset Physical Inventory Scheduling
Create periodic count schedules with real-time asset register integration in SAP. The desktop scheduler analyzes your SAP asset register and recommends assets that are due to be audited. Finance users can also choose to manually select a list of assets and schedule them for physical counting.
Tagging Using Pre-Printed or Printable Asset Tags
Ensure compliance by giving asset custodians and receivers the ability to tag assets at the point of receipt to provide traceability of fixed assets. The mAssetTag solution supports pre-printed asset tags or gives users the option to print custom barcode labels.
Mobile Asset Counting With Barcode Scanning
Users performing asset counts scan barcodes or QR codes from the asset label via mobile device camera or optional barcode reader. This seamlessly records the location of the asset, date of count, user who performed a count directly into SAP. Ensures 100% audit compliance with digital validation.
Real-Time Asset Count Status With Reconciliation
Allow asset managers to monitor fixed asset physical count status and reconcile errors. The finance team can update SAP for ghost assets or update an asset's current information. This automatically triggers an approval process for the relevant SAP financial document posting.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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  • SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite
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