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Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)
Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)
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Automate Data Archiving to keep data growth under control
Benefit from efficiency gains by automating ongoing Data Archiving jobs to avoid the risk of manual errors and duplications. Fully manage your database growth while providing end-users access to archived data.
Increase the overall value of your SAP system
Reduce the total cost of ownership by deleting data and systems that are no longer required. Regular archiving using ASC will keep the overall size of your SAP database within manageable levels, delaying the need for hardware investment and providing a positive impact on system performance.
Make the right size move to S/4HANA
By archiving data that is no longer in use, you can significantly reduce the data volume that needs to make the move to SAP S/4HANA. That means also reducing the scope, complexity and total cost of your SAP S/4HANA migration project as well as saving on hardware and licensing costs.
Product Overview
Data Archiving plays an essential role in maintaining SAP system performance as your business data increases over time, while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership by deleting data that is no longer required. The Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) allows an entirely automatic management of the whole da More
Define archiving automations based on a range of variables
Specific archiving jobs can easily be created by country, company group or other variables. This helps to freeze your data against organizational changes such as sale, merger or transfer of activity.
No impact on business processes
Establish different archiving rules such as organizational entities, retention period, archiving periodicity, SAP AS retention periods. Schedule archiving runs in sync with IT schedules and business calendars, without interrupting business processes.
End-to-end data management processes to maintain data volume
We have designed an end-to-end process that includes archiving and destruction of the appropriate archiving objects. This allows the volume of your data to be effectively maintained or reduced to the levels that are required for your business and your data retention obligations.
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