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Turn your Warehouse into a Future-Forward Powerhouse
byCrave InfoTech
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Benefits and Features
Reduce the Use of Paper
Experience a 100% reduction in the use of paper. Less stress and time involved in managing warehouse activities.
Reduce TCO up to 80%
Pre-packaged app to expedite implementation and ROI.
Lower by Up to 35% Warehouse Operating Costs
Decreased overhead through lean processes.
Support Function on Mobile App
Mobile App will support Batch Managed, serialized and split valued materials via configuration. Also use both online and offline.
Support for Barcode Scanning
Support for Barcode Scanning of key documents: work order, cost center and internal order. And Key Identifiers: Material number, Serial number and Batch number.
Includes Warehouse Managed Specific Processes
Such as: warehouse bin creation, bin level cycle count, bin to bin transfer, transfer order confirmation, and stock check report at Bin level.
Includes Inventory Managed Processes
Goods Receipt of stock and reversal with purchase order and without it. Goods issued of stock for various cost objects and reversal like work order, reservation, cost center, and internal order. Other processes include Storage location transfer posting, physical inventory and more.
Plans and Pricing
Standard Pricing
Per Month+ USD 999.00 Setup Fee
Standard Pricing
Includes 1 User
Technical Information
The information contained in this section is provided by the publisher.
Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite
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