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A Digital Supply Chain Technology Solution for COVID19 Vaccine Distribution
byComorin Technologies
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Benefits and Features
Vaccine Storage and Handling that complies with CDC Guideline
The CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Guide has been updated with an addendum to address proper storage, handling, transport, and emergency handling of COVID-19 vaccines that are approved. For details please visit, (
To Capture Patient Data Safe and Secure
Eliminates User Error and User Friendly automated data inputs and maintains Data Consistency, HIPAA Compliance that is Powered by the In-Memory Computing Database HANA.
To Manage Disaster Recovery via Cloud Data Backup
ComorAID21 is designed with Cloud Data Backup for Disaster Recovery from the from a Multi-Tenant Database Cloud Storage and Backend System Integration via SAP Cloud Connectors.
Manage Offsite Mass Vaccination Center with On-Hand Inventory Management
Facilitates to receive a vaccine stock and even ancillary supplies that can arrive in various storage units (a) Cold Freezer/Freezer (b)Refrigerator and (c) Thermal Container, integrated with Temperature Monitoring Devices(TDD),Digital Data Logging for automatic temperature reading for data capture.
Patient Check-In and Appointment Confirmation
Appointments that are pre-scheduled via any 3rd party external appointment scheduling system for that vaccination facility is seamlessly integrated and Patient Appointment is confirmed as part of the Patient Check-In.
Appointment Confirmation Wrist Band Label
An appointment confirmation label(Wrist Band Label) will be automatically generated upon completion of patient check-in and printed to a Zebra Label Printer.
Administrate Patients with Vaccine Consumption
Vaccine Consumption ties up the Patient Appointment Confirmation Data and the Dosage Data (1)Dosage Description(2) Dosage Quantity(3)Lot/Batch Expiry, Beyond Usage Date(4)1st/2nd Dose Visit(5)Stock Order Reference of the Vaccine Inventory with ability to administrate patient up to family size of 10.
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Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
ComorAID21 Standard Edition: Includes Vaccine Inventory Management, Appointment Confirmation, Vaccine Consumption, Label Printing, Dashboard Metrics.
ComorAID21 Enterprise Edition: Standard PLUS Returns/Scrap Process and additional 3 Hybrid Mobile APPs
ComorAID21 Extended Enterprise Edition: Enterprise Edition PLUS End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with Blockchain
ComorAID21 Standard Edition
ComorAID21 Standard Edition
Basic Vaccine Inventory and Patient Consumption Administration, Dashboard Metrics
Includes 30 Users
3 Month min. contract duration
ComorAID21 Enterprise Edition
Per Year+ USD 25000.00 Setup Fee
ComorAID21 Enterprise Edition
Basic Vaccine Inventory and Patient Consumption Administration, Dashboard Metrics, Manage Damages and Returns
Includes 1 Booth
3 Month min. contract duration
ComorAID21 Extended Enterprise Edition
Price upon request
ComorAID21 Extended Enterprise Edition
End to End Supply Chain Visibility Manufacturer to Consumer with Vaccine Administration for Healthcare
Includes 1 Package Instance
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
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