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On-demand pay and financial wellness app for mid/enterprise organizations
Rain Instant Pay
byRain Technologies, Inc.
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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Benefits and Features
Empower your employees for financial wellness
Studies prove that nearly 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That means that your employees can't wait two weeks for payday. By providing Rain, you are encouraging financial freedoms while providing access to world-class financial wellness tools.
Reduce your turnover and improve productivity
Employees who are empowered for financial wellness are likely to be more focused and more excited at work. Plus, Rain's income tracking features can encourage your employees to show up for work every day and even take on extra shifts.
Attract top job applicants
Early wage access is still a new industry. Imagine how many more quality job applicants you will receive once you can boast about the ability to get paid daily!
Early wage access
Nearly 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The typical two-week pay cycle doesn't work anymore. Rain can give your employees the ability to control when they get paid and instantly transfer their wages to a debit card.
Financial wellness
Most adults are never taught how to properly budget and manage their finances. Rain provides free financial coaching as well as tools such as budgeting templates.
Health discounts
Rain offers access to extreme health discounts, such as a prescription discount card and dental and vision discount plans for just a few dollars per month. Any person using Rain can benefit from this, but it is especially meaningful for employees who do not have health insurance.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Free for employers, small fee for employees. Reach out to your account executive for specifics!
Pricing Details per Employer
Pricing Details per Employer
Varies per employer.
Includes 1 Users
Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Rain Technologies, Inc.
Rain Technologies is backed by QED Investors, whose managing partner Nigel Morris co-founded Capital One. Rain is fully compliant and operating in all 50 states, with offices in Nashville, L.A., Brazil, and India.
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