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A powerful multi-utility meter data management (MDM) solution
ZONOS MDM (Meter Data Management)
byCuculus GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Runs with very high performance and provides flexibility
Nowadays the applications requiring a MDM are very demanding in terms of data load. The pure number of meters is already a challenge but even more it is the load generated by the meters on the backend platforms. It is uncertain which data load will be required in future. It will continuously change!
Makes SAP integration as piece of cake
One of the biggest headaches of utilities is how to integrate the MDM with the CRM, Billing solution, Asset management and more. As long as these are SAP components, ZONOS come with a ready to use and preconfigured connector. The data structures of SAP are understood and translated in ZONOS.
Allows to use power, water, gas and heating in parallel
Such systems are expensive to operate and to maintain. Not only the MDM but also the networks and the HES solutions. So it is beneficial if different applications can share the same solution landscape. ZONOS supports the connection of different types of utilities to the same system in parallel.
Write your own VEE (validation, estimation, editing) rules
This feature allows automatic checks on incoming data. If data are identified as missing or not valid they can be replaced by sophisticated estimation methods or changed manually if necessary. All changes will be logged in a secure and auditable way.
Calulates the loss automatically
ZONOS is able to calculate and monitor technical but also non-technical losses. The results can even be stored as time series in so called virtual registers or virtual meters.The platform delivers all the tools to improve your revenue assurance.
Generates even complex billing determinates
ZONOS supports the calculation of billing determinates according to the tariff allocated to the customer or metering point. It supports Time of Uses (ToU) data generated by meters. ZONOS can also create ToU-based time series from flat time series of meters that do not support ToU yet.
Automates your event management
The number of different event types is not limited in ZONOS. The platform supports more than 900 different event types out of the box from meters, from coms and from other systems. The events are gathered centrally and are distributed to various other systems based on flexible forwarding rules.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
ZONOS MDM demo platform
For 3 Month(s)
ZONOS MDM demo platform
hosted demo solution, managed by Cuculus
sample meters and sample data available
rights and roles preconfigured, no customized settings possible
contains data for power, gas, water and heating meters
Includes 3 Users
3 Month max. contract duration
Price upon request
full fletched ZONOS MDM for non-commercial use
6 months right to use
access to all APIs like ZONOS API (Northbound) and SAP Webservice connector
up to 100 meters can be added (own meter types and own meters possible)
runs in the cloud managed by Cuculus (on premise installation can be requested)
real meters can be connected and real data can be fed into the system
Includes 6 months license
Includes 100 meters
Includes 3 Users
ZONOS MDM Commercial License
Price upon request
ZONOS MDM Commercial License
full featured solution with unlimited number of users and user roles
number of meters included depends on the license (can be 10k, 100k, 1m or more)
no limitation in the number of meter types and metering point classifications
unlimited number of validation and estimation rules
can be delivered as managed solution, running in a cloud setup or as on premise installation
high availability and disaster recovery configurations are possible
licenses always inlcude free licenses for at least one development environment and one test and acceptance environment
optionally an embeeded Oracle license can be added
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Cuculus GmbH
Cuculus GmbH is a privately held company headquartered in Germany. The company is focused on software for critical infrastructure and specialized in the utility sector. Cuculus is serving clients worldwide with a very international team and a powerful ...
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