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Optimize and control decentralised energy systems
ELEMENTS - the energy platform
Solution Types
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Benefits and Features
Unlock prosumers as customers
ELEMENTS lets you monitor and control decentralised energy systems on a single platform – in real time, across all sectors and regardless of manufacturer. Our modules expand upon the platform functions and enable revolutionary business models to make you fit for the future.
Unlock new business models
With ELEMENTS, you can go from being a simple electricity supplier to an energy service provider. Solutions for consumption optimization and community power in your own corporate design allow you to offer extra value to your customers.
Monitor and control decentralized energy systems in real time
The ELEMENTS IoT platform provides energy data updated every minute and automatically optimizes energy flows. ELEMENTS makes it possible to control multiple decentralized energy systems in real time. Our modules enable innovative ways to optimize decentralized energy supply.
Monitor connected energy systems in real time
Connected entities with their energy systems send real-time information about energy production and consumption to your GUI. This allows easy monitoring of your decentralized power system and quick trouble-shooting.
Offer tailored digital solutions to your customers
ELEMENTS comes with a variety of modules that offer innovative solutions. Modules such as Safeguard, Home or Community meet the needs of households with their own renewable energy production and consumption. Reach the growing target group of prosumers.
Enhance your portfolio by adding modules
Our modular system allows you to flexibly upgrade your portfolio and offer new services to your customers on top of energy optimisation. Services such as Community Power or the safe charging of multiple electrical vehicles are integrated easily.
Connect with your customer via our App
ELEMENTS comes with an intuitive app that allows your customers to keep on top of their energy production and consumption. The app in your corporate design serves as a strong connection between you and your customers.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Setting up your personal GUI
Providing you with the hardware per household
Applying the modules you and your customers need
Adapting our services to your corporate design
Set up your ELEMENTS Platform and
Test your first ELEMENTS Module
Start integrating your first customers
Price upon request
Receive an individual tender
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES offers IT solutions for the decentralized renewable energy supply we need to enable a sustainable future now. We empower our customers, energy suppliers, municipal utility companies and meter operators to offer extra values to their...
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