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Closing gap between planning theory and shop floor reality
LEAP - AI platform for production guiding
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Benefits and Features
Reduce organizational downtime by 25%
Highly accurate predictions of production and inventory enable planners, logisticians, team coordinators, and adjuster to predict material, workers, and tool shortages before they happen.
Increase OEE by 5%
QLECTOR LEAP helps to reduce the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by increasing the availability of resources on account of predictions of organizational aspects of production.
Save 1 day/week for planners and team coordinators
QLECTOR LEAP combines data from SAP and MES to give real-time and future insights on the plan realization and inventory levels. It helps to transfer information between planners and team coordinators without maintaining excel files and using emails less and phone calls.
Create digital twin of your production
QLECTOR LEAP predicts the finalization of production orders considering shop-floor reality at all times. QLECTOR LEAP utilizes artificial intelligence to consider the specificity of each and every product in combination with production lines, workers, input materials, and suppliers.
Predict and manage organizational downtimes
QLECTOR LEAP uses a digital twin to predict a shortage of material, competencies, and late finalization of production orders. It notifies responsible employees to address the cause of predicted events before they happen.
Make several production sites work as one factory
QLECTOR LEAP eliminates physical boundaries between several production sites. QLECTOR LEAP predicts the time and duration of downtimes for dependent operations. To avoid downtime, QLECTOR LEAP suggests optimal measures or a new production plan considering what is optimal for the entire company.
Form high performing teams on shop floor
QLECTOR LEAP automatically builds learning curves of an individual worker for different products. It suggests optimal teams by assigning a worker to products that he/she is best at assembling.
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Standard edition
Unlimited number of users
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Includes 1 Work Center
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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QLECTOR is developing artificial intelligence based solutions for manufacturing, logistics and other industries powered by QLECTOR LEAP AI Platform. We are a team of machine learning and manufacturing experts with long experience in bringing cutting-ed...
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