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Drive your personalized medicine journey with high throughput production
BC|GENOME - Personalized Medicine Platform
byBC Platforms AG
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Benefits and Features
Automate secondary analysis of Genomic Data
Pipeline automation for high throughput genetic laboratories: Automated quality control analysis for array data and integration of NGS data QC. Streamline data production to allow automaticity and less manual intervention and errors
Run state of the art variant interpret
Guideline based variant interpretation and detailed reporting (ACMG, ASCO). Automated data import and annotation with access to latest reporting and annotation services. Comprehensive decision support in the analysis of sequencing data. Interpretation of germline or somatic genome information.
Achieve advanced interoperability
HL7 and FIHR capable integration engine for LIMS and EHR integrations supporting both ingestion of orders as well as delivery of digital reports. Pipeline automation based on integrations and instrument run files to minimise launch effort REST API’s for integration with other applications.
Scalability in Genomic Data Processing
The solution is a data management and analysis platform supporting small and massive scale genomic data production in healthcare organisations and genetic testing laboratories. In the end-to-end data processing workflows, all data types to be stored, are collected to BC|GENOME and stored
Flexibility and Modularity
Sample registration, processing and chip preparation is based on add on module BC|SAMPLE. Genotype data processing is based on add on modules BC|PIPE GT and BC|PIPE NGS. Report integration is done via add on module BC|INTERPRET or 3rd party report integrations.
Quality Assurance
Automated QC of Genotyping and Next Gen Sequencing using laboratory SOPs for less manual intervention and errors. Approval tracking and audit trail. Fully automated end-to-end workflow typically involves integration with customer’s electronic medical record or customer portal
Automating guideline based variant reporting
E.g. ASCO and ACMG based reporting for Cancer and rare disease. Public databases are integrated and regularly updated and automatically referenced for decision support and final review by reporting clinician/geneticist.
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Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Perpetual License with annual SLA
Perpetual License
Perpetual License
Perpetual license based on number of samples per year. Annual SLA for SW maintenance and updates.
Includes 20000 Samples per Year
48 Month min. contract duration
Per Quarter
Software as a Service based on number of samples per year. SLA is included in this SaaS fee.
48 Month min. contract duration
Standard Edition
Price upon request
Standard Edition
License price depends on number of Genomic samples and Subjects plus Users
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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